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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scandinavian home decor :-)

Hi there! thanks for stopping by! I know you may be wondering if this is the same blog you've been visiting aka resilientimmigrant.blogpost.ca? well yeah!! it is! lol. Anyways, I have decided to focus more on my true passion of home decor so I hope you will be more than happy to join me in this new journey:-)

So! let's just jump right into it shall we? greaaaat lol anyways for real  have you noticed how Scandinavian homes are mostly beautiful and the decor is just simple and wow! Let's talk about the decor for a minute, or two hahaha you know what I mean right? I so looooove the way Scandinavian homes are well decorated! so without me talking or in this case typing a lot, let me make the pictures SPEAK!

Open living space with minimal decor but just look at how they stand out!! cool right? when they say less is actually more they were definitely right:-)

Don't you just L.O.V.E how this kitchen is simple yet gorgeous??mhmmm :-)

This bedroom is sooooo cuuuute!! isn't this just great for students? if you have such a room wouldn't you invite your friends over every TIME? haha well, maybe I am overdoing this but I am just excited to shift my focus and do this:-)

And finally..............

*disclaimer* photos are NOT mine.


  1. I'm such a minimalist myself ( when it comes to interior decor) and my hubby is not only not a minimalist but he is a bit of a header so imagine what I go through.
    Love the pictures.

    1. Lol Diary of Dido thank you:-)